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How do I get compensation after a bicycle accident lawsuit?

You get compensation after a bicycle accident lawsuit by bringing an insurance claim or filing a legal claim. In some cases, an insurance claim is sufficient, but it may be necessary to take formal legal action in order to get what you deserve. A Nevada bicycle accident lawyer can assist you with all steps for getting compensation.

How can a bicycle accident lawyer help me?

A bicycle accident lawyer can provide full-service representation to do everything necessary for you to receive financial compensation. They may help with any of the following:

  • Medical documentation of injuries
  • Evaluation of categories of compensation available
  • Valuation of the damages and building of proofs
  • Understanding the rules of evidence and how to present the case
  • Knowing unique issues in proving fault and entitlement to damages
  • Using the legal rules to your advantage to build your legal strategy
  • Choosing a jury that will be fair to the bicyclist if the case goes to trial
  • Negotiating with the insurance company so you do not have to
  • Giving you the information so that you can decide whether to go to trial or accept a settlement
  • Collecting your judgment

A lawyer does much more than just speaking in court on your behalf. That is one important job, but they are also a full-service advocate to help you through every aspect of your claim. You do not have to fight alone. Work with an experienced professional who knows the details of the claims process.

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What is my bicycle accident claim worth?

Your bicycle accident claim is worth the value of your economic losses and pain and suffering. Economic losses include bills, income loss and additional expenses that you have because of the accident. In addition, you may claim fair compensation for your pain and suffering that is relative to the severity of the accident.

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How can a bicycle accident occur?

There are several ways that a bicycle accident can occur that may give a victim the right to claim financial compensation:

  • A driver failing to leave sufficient distance for a bicyclist
  • Failure to yield or turning in front of the cyclist
  • Ignoring a pedestrian crossing
  • Driving too fast in an area where cyclists are present
  • Driving under the influence alcohol or drugs, DUI/OWI
  • Texting and other kinds of distracted driving
  • Poor vehicle maintenance, mechanical problems with a bike
  • Debris on the roads
  • Weather conditions
  • Inadequate training, hiring and supervision of commercial drivers

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit FAQs

What are Nevada bicycle laws?

Although bicyclists are not subject to motor vehicle regulations, they still have their own set of rules to follow on the roads. They must follow right of way and lane use regulations. An accident victim has the right to compensation if they’re hurt because of the negligence of a motor vehicle driver.

What damages can I collect in a bicycle accident claim?

In a bicycle accident claim, you can claim medical bills including nursing care, physical therapy, mental health care and occupational therapy. In addition, you can claim lost wages and property damage. Pain and suffering damages are in proportion to the severity of injuries and the recovery time for the victim.

Collecting damages in a bicycle accident claim depends on the strength of the legal case, the amount of damages allowed under law and the availability of insurance policies or other funds to pay a judgment. The victim must identify and claim their damages in the proper way. They may have representation of an attorney for bicycle accident claims.

Can you sue someone for hitting you on a bike?

Yes, you can sue someone for hitting you on a bike if they are at fault for the accident. If they violate a traffic law or otherwise act in a negligent manner, they are liable for the damage that they cause. For victims that suffer injuries, they can sue within the time frame set by the state for bringing a claim.

How much time do you have to bring a lawsuit for a bike accident in Nevada?

You generally have two years to bring a lawsuit for a bike accident in Nevada. The statute of limitations for personal injury actions is two years under Nevada Revised Statutes 11.190. Filing an insurance claim isn’t enough to preserve your right to a claim. You must formally file your lawsuit within two years.

Who is at fault for a bicycle accident?

The parties that may be at fault for a bicycle accident are:

  • A motor vehicle driver
  • Public transportation operator
  • The bicyclist
  • Other cyclists and pedestrians
  • Manufacturer of the motor vehicle or the bicycle
  • The government or other party responsible for maintaining the road
  • Another party who causes a disturbance in the road

Can multiple parties be at fault for a bicycle accident?

Yes, multiple parties may be at fault for a bicycle accident. It is up to the jury to decide who is at fault and their percentage of fault. A party who is at fault may still recover a reduced share of their damages. Your attorney can work with you to establish who is to blame and your entitlement to damages.

How do I prove negligence in a Nevada bike accident?

To prove negligence in a Nevada bike accident, you rely on witnesses, photographs, video from a vehicle or nearby businesses, police investigations and analysis of the accident scene. Damage to the vehicle, the bicycle and the location of vehicles on the road can all give insights into how the accident occurred and the actions of each party. To prove negligence in a Nevada bicycle accident, your attorney can help you comply with rules for admitting evidence, questioning witnesses and presenting your case in a compelling way.

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