If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Nevada, you want to be treated fairly and be compensated for your injuries and damages. Throughout the process of reporting, documenting, and negotiating your car accident claim, you will achieve the best possible outcome by using an experienced and knowledgeable Nevada car accident attorney.

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Who Determines Fault in a Nevada Car Accident?

Many different entities will likely investigate your Nevada car accident to determine who was at fault. The police may investigate your accident as it relates to traffic laws to determine fault by looking at whether one or more drivers acted negligently and if their negligence contributed to the car accident.

The courts will try to determine fault through legal proceedings using the Nevada rules of evidence to evaluate the evidence on both sides.

Nevada is not a no-fault state as it relates to car accidents. Rather, the person who is responsible for your car accident must pay the victims for their losses even if their losses and injuries are minor.

What Are the Most Common Injuries in a Nevada Car Accident?

There are quite a few different injuries you or a loved one could suffer in a Nevada car accident. Some of the most common car accident injuries include:


Broken Bones


Herniated Disc


Head Injuries – including Traumatic Brain Injuries


Internal Bleeding




Scrapes and Lacerations


Spinal Cord Injuries




Wrongful Death

What Kinds of Damages Can I Claim After My Nevada Car Accident?

How much monetary compensation you can receive from your Nevada car accident depends on many factors, one of which is what types of damages you can claim.

Both economic and non-economic damages may be available to you.

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Economic Damages

Economic damages can be easily calculated and are monetary losses that represent out-of-pocket expenses such as:


Medical Expenses


Lost Wages


Property Damage and Repair Bills


Lost Earning Capacity

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are less tangible and more subjective non-monetary losses that may include:


Emotional Distress


Loss of Consortium


Loss of Enjoyment of Life


Pain and Suffering


Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are not meant to cover your car accident injuries, but instead they are meant to punish the wrongdoer for their actions.

The experienced car accident lawyers at Nevada Accident Injury Lawyers can assist you in determining what types of damages you can claim after your car accident. Contact our car accident attorneys about your case and what you may be able to receive in damages.

What Should I Do After a Nevada Car Accident?

If you or a loved one is injured in a Nevada car accident, how you respond may determine whether you can receive fair compensation for your injuries. To avoid any mistakes, make sure you do the following:

1. Do Not Leave the Scene

You should never leave the scene of an accident. If possible, you should collect all the information and evidence available.

2. Call the Police

You should call the police to report the accident. The police can help investigate fault and document the details of your Nevada car accident.

3. Check for Injuries

If anyone is injured you should seek medical attention for yourself or any other injured party.

4. Collect Information

You should always ask for the other driver’s telephone number, address, driver’s license number, insurance information, and email address.

5. Take Pictures

Take as many pictures as possible of the scene of the accident. Be sure to include the entire accident scene, damage to any vehicles, and injuries.

6. Keep Records

Keep all records from the accident, even if you are not sure they are important. Keep all correspondence from the insurance companies and the other drivers.

7. Get Legal Assistance

To be compensated fairly for your injuries, you should contact a Nevada car accident attorney as soon as possible.

In any car accident claim, you will be dealing with an insurance company. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will be involved in any settlement negotiations. The process of dealing with insurance companies can be rife with pitfalls, but a reliable Nevada car accident lawyer at Nevada Accident Injury Lawyers can help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

Injuries to you or your loved one as a result of a car accident can end in physical, emotional, and financial stress on you and your family. The sooner you contact our office the better, and our attorneys will aggressively fight for your rights. The car accident lawyers at Nevada Accident Injury Lawyers may be able to help you and may be able to recover all the monetary compensation for your injuries that you and your family deserve.

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