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Whiplash is an injury specific to the neck and upper shoulder region. The area where the spine meets the skull consists of seven vertebrae, which incorporate bones, ligaments, and muscles to facilitate some of the highest range of motion of nearly any joint in the human body.

The neck supports the skull, protects the spinal cord and allows for a wide range of motion. All of these characteristics make this area of the body especially vulnerable to impact and external forces.

The Nevada Accident Injury Lawyers know the impacts that whiplash can have on car accident injury victims. We can help you seek fair compensation for a whiplash injury following your car crash — contact us to set up your consultation.

How Do Whiplash Accidents Happen?

One of the most common reasons for whiplash is being rear-ended by a distracted driver. However, any impact from any direction can result in whiplash from a car accident. If you have been injured in an accident and suspect whiplash, you are going to need medical help, as well as the help of a personal injury attorney.

Symptoms for Identifying Car Accident Whiplash

Any of the following symptoms could indicate whiplash:

  • Pain in neck
  • Stiffness in neck
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling or pain in arms or fingers
  • Numbness in extremities (arms, hands, feet)
  • Ringing in ears
  • Problems with vision
  • Lower back pain
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Memory problems
  • Insomnia
  • Sleepiness or lethargy

When to See a Doctor for Whiplash From a Car Accident

A doctor will consider the nature of the accident and any symptoms and likely order some diagnostic tests. Evaluating reflexes, pain responses, and X-rays are ways to start investigating the injury.

Because of the soft tissue involved in the trauma, these injuries are not always visible with X-rays alone, and the doctor may use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to get a better look. A Computed Tomography (CT) scan can show even greater detail, especially with soft tissue.

How is Whiplash Treated?

Whiplash requires close attention and specialized treatment in order to let the neck heal and achieve a range of motion that is as close to normal as possible.

Pain management with the use of anti-inflammatory medications, pain killers, and even applying ice to reduce swelling are common. Your doctor might also require you use a cervical collar to brace your neck to limit movement and reduce the potential for more damage as your neck heals. Limited movement and supervised physical therapy might also be prescribed.

For more serious cases, whiplash may require surgery, such as fusing the vertebrae with metal plates. These procedures may take a long period of time and will likely be very expensive.

Is whiplash serious?

Whiplash car accident injuries have the potential to be a life-changing event. Some people who have been injured suffer long-term effects of whiplash. These include loss of feeling, difficulties in memory and cognition, and loss of motor skills which contribute to lifelong disability.

The expenses incurred while recovering from whiplash can also be stressful, and missed time from work due to recovery or cognition problems can only compound that stress. A car accident attorney is an important resource to have on hand to help reduce stress and worry during your recovery and pursuit of compensation.

Is whiplash permanent?

Early diagnosis and treatment of whiplash reduce the duration of whiplash recovery time, but some injuries are permanent or require extensive physical therapy and even surgery to alleviate them. Your doctor will give you a treatment program which you should adhere to closely in order to facilitate your recovery.

If You’ve Suffered Whiplash in Nevada, Hire a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

The simple answer of when to hire a car accident attorney is as close to the event of the accident as possible. Our firm can help you navigate the compensation process to pay for these treatments. Having a car accident attorney will allow you to work with insurance companies to pay for your medical treatments, as well as recover damages from loss of property, and pain and suffering.

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